Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Grass Is Not Always Greener...

Growing up I used to hear my grandmother joke about how she wished she knew a good plumber because she always had plumbing problems. The funny joke is that my grandfather ran a plumbing business! I guess the moral of that story is when they do it all day long they don't want to do it when they get home.

That brings us to my yard. Now, I am not married to landscape architect or anything, but you would think that a farmer who grows things for a living would know better than to do this to our poor yard!

I give you exhibit A, B, & C

Now, in Eugene’s defense, he keeps telling me that it will come back. But, I really wish it were here already. We are on the main road in Halls. (Work with me people… it’s a very small town). Pretty much to get anywhere you have to drive by my house. If you want my personal opinion it looks we joined up with the ranks of the rednecks in “these parts” and left stuff in our yard for a while…. You know, broken down cars, scrap metal, half a doublewide. You get the gist.

I think we need to add my yard to all prayer requests!

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A Day In The Life...

Just a little update on favorite pup. Mr. Sam has had quite the eventful week. Other than just being down right adorable, he has found a new favorite toy (the broom), lost two teeth, and mastered (ok I use this term loosely) the art of walking on a leash.

I think he knows he's cute!

Case in point... on of his favorite things to do when I get home from work is to run as fast as he can down the hall to the mirror in the guest room. The then sits there and barks at himself and licks the mirror. Uh, I think my dog is offically vain! I am going to buy him a Carley Simon Greatest Hits CD.

I know it is close to Easter, but dust bunnies Sam... really!?! He loves to eat the dust bunnies off the bottom of the broom. I'll take a chocolate bunny instead thanks.

Who knew that puppies lost their teeth? I sure didn't. The rumor on the street is that once they start losing their teeth they don't chew as much. I'll have you know that is not true. We're still wearing the oven mitt!

As for mastering the leash... I don't have a picture of that. Sam and I went for a walk today at the park in Dyersburg. It is a beautiful park with tons of flowers and great 1.5 mile walking trail. He did so good on his leash. He only quit walking once and that was when he pooped out on my after 2 miles. I was pushing to get him to three. I was prepared though... I had a bottle of water and treats in the car for him. What a good momma I am!!!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

He may have won the battle...

But he hasn’t won the war!

Well, I gave in with the collar situation. Sam now has a plain old collar that is Eugene approved. Boo!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Ava in Action

Ava and Miss Ellie getting some snuggle time in. (Yes, her stuffed animal is named after the character on Dallas. My brother needs psychological help.)

Ok, now I’ve got one. Knock, Knock…

You've got to ask yourself a question: Do I look cute? Well, do I...?

No Mom, this is the one where we make our serious face. Work with me here!
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Friday, March 23, 2007


Congratulations to my brother Adam for passing the CPA exam! I am so happy for you. I knew you could do it all along... Way to go Mr. CPA!

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The Great Debate

Parties Involved:

The Villain:Played by none other than Eugene

(AKA the Heatmiser from the Rudolph... see below)

The always right princess: played by me

The subject: Sam's Collar

So, a last weekend I went shopping at Wal Mart. I, now being a pet owner, frequent the pet aisle. Knowing that Sam would soon outgrow his little yellow collar that he had when we first got him, I decided it was time to start shopping for his newest accessory.

After being most disappointed in the selection at Wal Mart, out of nowhere what to wondering eye should appear but this beautiful ever fabulous BLUE and BROWN polka dot collar.I bring it home and Eugene promptly tells me that “his” dog isn’t wearing that collar. I left him to believe that for a day or so. Well, today I decide it is the big moment… the make or break for the collar. I come home from work and immediately disrobe Sam from his previous yellow collar into this magnificent wonderland of MANLY blue and brown polka dots. He looked stunning and I must say strutted ever so MANLY on his afternoon walk.

Enter the villain: Eugene comes home from work. I don’t get a hello, how are you... nuthin’, nada, zilch. All he does is walks over to Sam and takes off the collar and says that Sam is not a “yippee” dog. (I guess he means a small barking dog). Anyway, he continues to say that he is a golden retriever and this collar was just not suitable.

So, I ask you… do you think this collar is too girly? I mean it is blue and brown people!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

What a cute kid...

So, other than my dog I have to admit I have another obsession. It is my very beautiful niece Ava. She was born on Dec. 18th, and I just can't get enough of that kid. She amazes me everytime I see her. I am sure that many of you have seen pictures of her through my emails or facebook page, and some may even know my sister in law Katie, but here are just a few wonderul pictures that make me smile.

I was a beaming aunt for sure on this day!

She looks so much like my brother, Adam. She has these cheeks that are beyond description they are so cute!

Don't you just want to pick her up and squeeze her!?!?

Baby ZZZ's!

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Our Sweet Lil' Sam

Eugene and I had been searching and searching for the perfect little puppy. We knew that we wanted a golden retiever, but finding the perfect one was difficult. Anyway, around Christmas our search took a great turn! I found Sam's breeder and she said he would be ready in plenty of time for me to give to Eugene as a birthday present. So... our sweet lil' Sam became a reality!

The Day We Picked Him Up:

He has turned out to be such a special part of our family. He is growing so fast and is in full swing "puppy mode." He loves to chew, chew, chew! We have gotten used to wearing oven mitts on our hands so he can just go to town, and we feel no pain.

My Two Loves...

Here he is in his cute St Patty's day shirt I bought him. Eugene was not excited that I was dressing our male dog, but I mean come on. How cute does he look?! Plus, I won't always dress him... just this once.

I am currently home sick with mono! NO FUN. Anyway, Eugene left for work this morning, and I decided that I was still tired. Rather than putting him in his crate like I should have, I left him in the kitchen and sitting room. I had his baby gate up, but I forgot to close the other door in the kitchen. I must have been sound asleep and didn't hear him run down the hall.

During his grand adventure he found a roll of toilet paper. He also found a pile of Eugene's farm magazines. Here is the BEAUTIFUL site that I saw as I rounded the corner this morning.

Gotta love puppies...

At least he wasn't bored this morning while I was getting some good zzz's!

Welcome to our world...

Well I have decided to become a blogger. I love to check everyone else's blogs so much that I decided, why not start one of my own? So, here we are. Welcome to our world!

A recap on our little life to date, for those of you that care: We have been married for 2 years and live in Halls, TN, population 2,113. (It is about an hour north of Memphis). We have one grocery store, one stop light, and ZERO fast food restaurants in our town! Needless to say, I have learned how to cook.

Eugene farms and I am the marketing director for Security Bank in Dyersburg. We just added a wonderful addition to our family. His name is Sam and he is a golden retriever and is 2 1/2 months old. He will probably be featured often on this blog as I can only imagine Eugene and I aren't very interesting!