Monday, July 2, 2007

If it's not one thing... it's another!

Well, here I am once again posting about poor Sam. Not only is the poor thing recovering from his recent street trauma he was stung in the face by a wasp today! I had to work from home most of the afternoon got to my house around lunch. I brought Sam in from outside to enjoyu the AC while Eugene and I went to lunch. When I got home, Sam was just lying around being a dog... then I saw this pesky wasp flying around and promptly killed it with Raid. Anyway, a little while later Sam started acting really strange. I noticed his eye was swelling. I gave him a benedryl thinking he was just having allergies or something. Well... it got worse as the night went on. Pretty soon both of his eyes were almost swollen shut. His nose is all swollen as well as his mouth of lips or whatever. This too promted a late night call to the vet. I was worried if his face was swelling that his airway would swell. We just have to watch him. He goes in at 8:30 in the morning anyway for his follow up appt and xrays. So, they will check him out. I promise we take good care of our dog! He just has bad luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what we are dealing with folks!

Normal, cute, adorable Sam...

Swollen, miserable, wasp stung Sam. His eyes make me hurt!


LT (and Max) said...

i can't go without commenting when we're dealing with sam. poor baby! take care of him and give him extra treats!!!

feel better sam! ruff ruff! luv, max

Hillary Jordan said...

I can't see poor Sam in his pictures. Either way, I hope he's doing better. Oh, and Bailey Girl wants to know if Sam needs to come stay with her for a while!

Katie said...

Hey may need to!! I am doubting any future parenting skills! I hate picassa! That is my why my pictures aren't showing up. I will have to fix it when I get home.

The Segrest Family said...

pooooor baby!!!!!!!!
ps- i hate picasa too. it worked AWESOME with blogger a year and half ago- now it stinks