Monday, September 10, 2007

Home Sweet Hotel

Well, I am settling in to old Parsippany nicely. The week got started off well today... busy but well. We had a test to take tonight and had to begin studying for one of our 2 finals this week. I feel a bit OVERWHELMED with all of the info that needs to sink into my head between now and then, but hey... it's ok.

After a very long day of sitting in lectures regarding anatomy and physiology and lipid's and atherosclerosis, I got stuck in the elevator. Let me set the scene. I piled in with lots of people and had not gotten the words out of my mouth, "gosh I hope we aren't too heavy." Boom... elevator stops. Ok, don't panic Katie. Be cool. Well, somehow I stayed cool while the only male in the elevator of 10 + women FREAKS out. He starts hollering about claustrophobia and literally is trying to pull the doors open. I was more worried that he was going to pass out on the floor of the elevator and take up all the standing room, so I pushed him to the back glass wall of the elevator that looked out over the hotel and told him to breathe. He stood there, no lie, sucking the glass saying get me out of here. (Please keep in mind that we were stuck for maybe one minute... 2 tops). We got out and he walks off the elevator in full strut like, oh man that wasn't that bad. Right... nancy boy!

Other than faulty elevators, the hotel is nice. Thank goodness we have rooms to ourselves. I kind of worried that they would give us roommates. One month in a room with a stranger would have been more than I could stand.

My sitting/study area and kitchen.

My bedroom. Kind of fun having a king size bed all to myself. The funny part is that we have six pillows on the bed and I don't even use a pillow!

This is the poor excuse for a closet. We have 2 drawers... 2 DRAWERS FOR A MONTH'S WORTH OF CLOTHING PEOPLE! Not smart. I have clothes in both nightstands as well. Then, they gave us 4 hangers. That makes sense. But hey... I can take lack of hangers for a room to myself!

This week is going to get pretty intense after tonight, so you may not be hearing from me too often. We may go into NYC this weekend, so I will try to blog again on Sunday. Have a great week!


Unknown said...

If you have to be away from your hubby at least you are staying in a nice place. The room looks cozy! Time will fly and you will be home before you know it!

Cherie said...

Hi, it's mom. I posted on Adam's as Cherie. Loved the pictures of your hotel. That helps. Enjoy the adventure. Love you.

The Ueltschey's said...

I like your new home. But you really don't use a pillow???

The Segrest Family said...

i second that, rebecca! YOU DON'T USE A PILLOW? are you a stomach sleeper? wow. i would not make it without a pillow! chad and i fight over the extra pillows in hotels.

other than that... your hotel looks pretty swanky!
and i laughed out loud at your elevator story! i can see you taking control of the man that was losing his mind...
good luck on all of your tests!
have a good time and be safe!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the adventure! October 5th will be here before you know it! Thinking and praying for you! By the way...everyone is loving the birth announcements! Good going sister!