Saturday, June 13, 2009

Another Year Older... or maybe wiser

I am so excited! I am getting a Canon Digital Rebel!!!!!!!

I have been eyeing this camera for quite some time now (maybe since my photography classes at State.) Anyway, I have really wanted one, but just couldn't make myself part with the $$ to get one. I bit the bullet. Thanks to my parents, grandmother, and in-laws for some bday money to put toward my new item! I ordered it today. I CANNOT wait for it to come in!

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Not only was yesterday my birthday, but it also marked 5 years ago that Eugene proposed. I am not sure I have ever told the story on the blog, so enjoy.

I was working in Jackson, MS as a sales rep and of course was impatiently waiting for Eugene to pop the question! :) Living 4 hours apart was just too hard. I made him promise me that he would not propose on my birthday or any other big holiday. I did this so I would not find myself expecting it and then be ultimately disappointed when it didn't happen. Well, when June 12, 2004 rolled around, I was coming up to Halls to see Eugene. He told me that we may go into Memphis Saturday night and eat dinner for my b-day. On Saturday, we stopped by his sister's office to get a part for one of his tractors. (Little did I know, my ring was in this box.)

When we got to dinner, there was a gorgeous flower arrangement on the table. He had it sent to the restaurant. I kind of starting wondering at that point but then when he didn't do it at dinner, I thought ok, not tonight. We went to the Peabody to wait for some friends before heading to a party. I asked him if we could go up to the roof to see the city at night. He proposed on the top of the Peabody MUCH to my surprise! We then spent the night with great friends celebrating and dancing at Silky's to "Going to the Chapel." It was by far the BEST birthday ever!

Celebrating at Silky O'Sullivan's

Monday, June 8, 2009

New crush

So... I have to make a confession. I have a new crush. Eugene and I watched He's Just Not That Into You last night. Umm... has anyone noticed Bradley Cooper? One word... smokin! Although he doesn't have the best reputation in the movie, he is awfully NICE to look at.


Bath time anyone?