Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No wire hangers, ever!

Saturday, instead of being in Starkville cheering on our bulldogs, I cleaned out my closet. Trust me when I say we would have MUCH rather been cheering. Eugene had been a little under the weather, and I was starting to feel that way myself.

Since we found out we were preggo in August, I feel like I have been sick everyday. I think I have FINALLY turned a corner. Praise God! I would have thrown up everyday if it meant getting these two here safely, but I am sure am glad that it looks to be a done deal with the vomit. Moving on... because I have felt like crap, my house has shown it. My sweet hubby has done so much helping out, but lets face it, if you don't pick up after yourself it is just a mess. I'm embarrassed to admit it... but it's true.
HI MY NAME IS KATIE, AND I HAVE BEEN A SLOB FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS! (please excuse my horrid appearance. i was, after all, cleaning not walking the runway.)

After 6 hours or purging, packing up 5 bags for Goodwill, and just putting stuff away it was clean. Whew!
Eugene spent his Saturday mostly in this position...

and Sam, well his life is just hard!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

4D Fun

I think that finding a good OBGYN is an incredible thing. It may sound simple, why would you want to see a bad one? But... I have the most utmost respect for my doctor and think she is just FANTASTIC! With all of my "issues" before we got pregnant we have gotten to know one another very well and have a great relationship. So, I went in for a follow up from our little scare. I was not able to see her the day I was hemorrhaging. I instead saw one of her partners. She had some free time in the office on Monday and said that with all that had gone on she knew I wouldn't mind taking a peak at the babies again... just for fun. So, she came in the sonogram room with me and the tech (who is great as well) did a "just for fun" 4D ultrasound. How great, right?!?

Look at this incredible detail. You can see baby B very well. He/She was on top of Baby A so it was hard to get a clear image of him/her. They still look a little alien"ish" from the top. I love how you can see their legs curled up against their bodies. SO SWEET! I can't wait to have these little ones in my arms.
Baby B
Baby A

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sophie Jules Spence

I am a week late in getting some good pics of my new beautiful niece up on the blog!! My sweet brother and his precious wife welcomed their new baby girl last Tuesday evening. I got to meet her over the weekend. She is an angel, and of course a heart breaker from the start.

Posted by PicasaAva is a GREAT big sis. The entire time we were there she kept kissing Sophie's head. I can't wait for the twins to be great friends with these two cousins. I see lots of fun memories ahead of the foursome!

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Freak-Out Friday

We had a little bit of a scare this past Friday. I woke up bleeding, and we immediately called the doctor. After an agonizing drive over to Jackson, we had a sonogram to check on the little ones. I had pretty much prepared myself for the worse. Thank God everything was ok. They both had strong heartbeats and looked VERY healthy. Dr. Pierce said that I looked to have a less than 2 cm subcutaneous hemorrhage and possibly placenta previa. He said possibly because at 12 weeks it is a little too early to officially call anything placenta previa.

I have been on bed rest since Friday and am hoping to return to normal and work tomorrow. Please say an extra prayer for all three of us that I can continue to have a healthy, safe pregnancy and these little ones aren't effected by this recent trauma.
Here are some photos from their recent 12 week 1 day photo shoot.