Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Bologna Has A First Name

So do my kids… but hubby isn’t ready to release it to the public. So, we will practice using them for a little bit, just in case. He has commitment issues now!

I have been having the weirdest craving lately. BOLOGNA! I can’t get enough bologna sandwiches. I didn’t dislike them before, but I never craved them. After taking my belly pic tonight I really wish I would crave things like rice cakes and salad. Oh well.
The babies are moving up a storm. Eugene has gotten to feel them a few times. I am finding that they move the most when I lay down to go to sleep. Of course! :) I love it!
We are off to see the Perinatologist tomorrow. He is a specialist that deals strictly with high risk pregnancies. We will get an ultrasound and a good check to make sure all is well. I can't wait to see my precious ones again!

I will leave you with a word to the wise. Never tell a pregnant woman she looks like she may pop… that baby must be due any day now. You never know… she may be preggo with twins and spend the rest of the day feeling like the good year blimp.

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The Segrest Family said...

you look beautiful!!!! i cant wait to hear the names!

Laura @ our messy messy life. said...

You look great!!

A good friend of mine has twins and she measured 40 weeks at 20 weeks.....imagine the comments.

Babies are the best.

Hannah @ Abney Ink said...

Darling you are glowing and don't worry about your size. The bigger the better for those two little ones! Start replying I'M ONLY HALF WAY DONE- and enjoy their surprise :)

Caro and Matt Devereaux said...

Don't worry...I'm only 12 weeks and a lady at work told me she knew I was having a boy because my behind was getting wider. Thanks. I don't think that's because of the baby. Awesome!

jwhite said...

You look great! I think you should tell them your babies like dessert :)

The Shermans said...

Warning--people will say ANYTHING. And perfect strangers will think it's perfectly okay to touch your stomach. I got felt up by a co-worker who didn't even blink. It was weird.

Sara Beth Green said...

Katie Spence Pugh, you have to be the cutest pregnant gal ever...you look amazing! Hope to see you soon!

Kasey said...

KATIE!! Look at you!! SO PRECIOUS!! Enjoy every second!