Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pugh, family of four

Friday morning, March 19th I woke up with yet another TERRIBLE headache. My doctor was on call that morning and when she made rounds basically told me ok, enough is enough. As she said, I was a smoldering case of toxemia. Nothing was super dangerous at the point I was at, but why wait a few more days and something take a dangerous turn for the worse. Little did I know that one of the things they were watching in my blood work was my platelet count. It had been on the steady decline. If it gets below 100,000 you can’t have an epidural!!!!!!!!!!!! (It has something to do with clotting.) Mine on the blood work were 102,000. On a repeat test they rose to 115,000. As Dr. Wittber said, why risk them dropping? I was totally with her. I am the first to admit that NO PART of me ever signed up for natural childbirth!
So, a little before lunch three nurses came in and said let’s get your IV started. You are being induced. With that, I endured a solid 30 minutes of pure torture where this nurse attempted 4 times to start an IV in my arm with no numbing agents and blew three veins. I was balling (screaming more like it), my mom was crying, and we were both praying Hail Mary’s as loud as we could belt them out. I’m sure those nurses thought we were drama queens. But, I promise that was the WORSE part of the entire birthing experience. It literally felt (to steal a line from Steal Magnolia’s) like someone was driving nails into my arm.
(All set up in Labor & Delivery... ready to get started!)

We called Eugene (who was at work) and told him to head to Jackson. It was baby time!! We got back into labor and delivery about 1pm and they started me back on the most miserable medicine known to man, magnesium sulfate for my blood pressure. It makes you feel very sick (flu like) and H.O.T.! Also, you are not allowed to get of the bed while you are on it. They started the pitocin 1:30 and things got moving. At the point they started the pitocin I was already 4 cm and 70% effaced. I got my epidural around 6:30 and my doctor broke Caroline’s bag of water around 8pm. I was 6 cm at that point. At 9pm Eugene’s sisters were sitting in the room with me visiting and I began to feel this indescribable pressure. The nurse just happened to walk in and I said, I feel this really uncomfortable pressure. She checked me and sure enough, I was 10cm! I couldn’t believe it. It seemed like everything flew by.

10 cm... It's go time!

Around 9:30pm they rolled me back to the operating room. Both babies were head down and we knew that a vaginal delivery was our goal. Of course, the dr did say, now you have this small, SMALL chance of having her just fine and then him not descending and having to have a C-section. But, we almost never see that. However, that is why I would be delivering in the operating room…just in case.
Once we got set up, Caroline’s birth went really easily. It seemed like I only pushed a few times 6-7 if I had to guess and she was out. At 10:00pm on March 19th, my beautiful daughter joined this world! What a great feeling!! She was screaming bloody murder and all I could think was “Yes, her lungs work!” Oh, and “She looks just like a Pugh.”

Caroline Beauvais Pugh 3.19.10 10:00pm 5lbs 1oz 19 inches

Within minutes my dr did a sonogram to ensure that Worth was still head down. He was, but of course was still pretty high. We waited about 5-6 minutes and I began pushing with Worth. Dr. Wittber ruptured his bag of water and the next thing I knew it was an EMERGENCY! He had a condition called
Cord Prolapse. His umbilical cord came out first. In a matter of sheer minutes (maybe seconds) they had me moving from one side of the operating room to the other. I was quickly put on the operating table and am pretty sure they had me cut open and Worth out before the C-section drape had been hung in front of my face. It was such a serious situation that Eugene wasn’t even allowed to be in the room during Worth’s arrival. It was very scary. I was FREAKING out to say the least. But, I have amazing doctors and those nurses were so incredible. Everyone worked hard to keep me calm and console me during these scary minutes. At 10:35pm on March 19th I heard another sweet cry. My son had joined our family. Again, what an amazing feeling! Both of my children were here and doing well.

Farnsworth "Worth" Eugene Pugh, IV 3.19.10 10:35pm 4lbs 14oz 18 in long


Worth did spend 18 hours in the NICU for low blood sugar and he needed a little help breathing. However, he is just fine now. Eugene and I feel blessed beyond measure to have our family here and safe. Even though their birth was a little more “intense” than we anticipated I would do it 8 million times again.

I love my family of four!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

These 4 Walls

Anyone got a poster of Raquel Welch

and a rock hammer?
Think Shawshank Redemption... I'm wishing I could chisel my way out of this prison and into the free world. Babies are still cooking, which of course is good. But, I am wearing down. I had a major melt down this morning. I woke up with another headache and by the time they got the doctor on call to call me in some meds stronger than Tylenol for my head I was a mess. I didn't feel well and just wanted to be at home. I think I cried all morning off an on. Thank goodness my mom was here to help me handle my meltdown. She is staying with me this week during her spring break. It's wonderful to have her here for many reasons, 1-she's my mommy and who do you else do you want when you feel bad. 2- Eugene is able to work and keep things moving with the renovation at home.

The doctor did come in this morning after he got out of surgery and made the comment like he didn't know if I would make it to my goal date of 37 weeks (next Thurs). So... we shall see. I will have more labs drawn tomorrow morning to assess my toxemia and see if my levels have worsened. I feel certain they will come back the same and I will hear, "everything looks the same, so we are going to continue to watch you." I better find this rock hammer soon.

Here is a view of the belly one day shy of 36 weeks. There is no face with this picture since one of the side effects of toxemia is swelling. Trust me... it's not pretty. We had a sonogram on Monday and Worth is weighing in at 5lbs and 13 oz and Caroline is a dainty 5 lbs and 5 oz.

And... here is a glimpse into my world. This is my room that I live in 24/7. It's nice and big, don't get me wrong, but you know... it can boring.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My New Home

Here is my new home... again. I must say that it isn't any sweeter the second time around. My parents arrived Saturday morning for what I was sure was going to be a big time "working" weekend. By working, I mean me sitting and giving lots of orders! :) However, I had a terrible night Friday night. I tossed and turned and was just not really feeling well. Then, I woke up Saturday morning with a headache that I couldn't not shake. I really can't tell you how bad it hurt! For 8 hours I tried to get relief taking Tylenol, but nothing worked. My parents convinced me to call my dr. She gave me my options, which included come to the hospital and bring a big bag. You will be here for a while.

My lab work looked ok yesterday, but my BP readings are still pretty high. We will know more tomorrow after (what I hope is my FINAL) 24 hour urine screen is complete. I am really hoping that they will just induce me this week. I will 36 weeks on Thursday and feel deep down that everything will be JUST FINE! Plus, my mom is staying the week due to her spring break. It would be perfect. Or, I may be here for a week to 10 days before induction is even discussed... (long sigh.)

I will post updates to the blog as soon as we know something. If you read this and wonder what can I do to help, please pray that these babies are ready to make their appearance in a perfectly safe and healthy manner! (Feel free to throw in that this week would be great! :))

Monday, March 8, 2010

34 weeks 4 days

No real “new” news to report from my doctor’s visit today. I was there for a painful 6 hours! Why you ask… I’m not really sure. Everything just took a REALLY long time. I had an ultrasound first thing and they are guessing that Worth weighs 5lbs 11oz and Caroline is an even 5lbs. So… good weights! They were both practicing breathing as well which was a great sight to see. They also performed for the ultrasound. In fact… I think they got in a bit of a tiff. The ultra sound tech pointed out to me, “Do you see her foot right there?” I said Yes. She said and then do you see his “boy parts” right there. I replied yes again. Before we knew it she kicked him straight where the sun don’t shine. He paid her back with a swift kick to the ribs. It was pretty funny to watch. My daughter is a ball buster even before birth!

Here is what the tummy looks like these days with over 10 lbs of baby inside. (Sorry my head is cut off and I am really off center. I had to set my camera up and set the timer. It wouldn't work this time, and I was too tired to fool with it.) I go back to the Dr. again on Thursday. Also, hopefully by Thursday I will have completed nursery pics to post. I can’t wait for my curtains to be hung this week. It will be the icing on the cake.
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Large and in Charge

I think this pretty much sums it up! We made it to 34 weeks yesterday and it was a great feeling. I have this calm now that if I go into labor and these kiddos come everything will be just fine. The steroid shots have had lots of time to work, so that puts me at ease.

I went to the doctor yesterday and she said that everything looked good. They hooked me up to the NST (non stress test) and both babies did wonderfully. I didn't have any contractions either. I told her that I did contract a good bit on Wednesday and that several really hurt. She said that my "new norm" in terms of contractions will be to ask myself "is this it?" Since there will be no prevention anymore, I need to watch for a pattern and real labor.

Since I will go to the doctor 2x's a week now, I return on Monday. I will have another ultrasound, repeat a 24 hour urine screen (I will be SO glad to not have to do this anymore), and they will monitor me on the NST again.

In construction news, the stairs are almost done. I can't wait!! It is going to look amazing. We think we are about 1 week out from EVERYTHING being done. God give me patience and maybe a fairy to clean my house from top to bottom.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Dorothy knew it all along.

There is NO place like home!!

I was discharged this morning from the hospital... still pregnant and thankful for that. (Especially after hearing the girl in the room next to me go into labor and deliver her preterm baby in about an hour flat yesterday.) My protein levels in my urine screen had declined, and my lab work looked good. It was such a sweet sound to hear the doctors say this morning, "I see no reason why you can't just rest at home." I really thought I would be in there FOREVER! My daily routine now consists of the couch, the potty, the couch, the potty, the couch, the potty... you get it.

We also have one more addition to the nursery. My changing table has arrived! I pretty much owe a twin to Elizabeth Quinn! She was so sweet and drove this piece of furniture from Jackson, MS for me. Thanks Liz... you are an amazing friend! Look how awesome it turned out. If you ever need a piece of furniture made, let me recommend Pam Smith. She owns a store in Jackson, MS called Pear Orchard Antiques. Clearly, she does amazing work.

(Better pictures will follow... I had to snap this one with my phone on one of my legal walks to the potty. Eugene may have gotten upset if he thought I was up taking pictures.)

Now it's just the waiting game. I have to go to the doctor 2x's a week in order to hook up the contraction monitor and get an official BP check. No word on how long they "expect" me to last. I will be 34 weeks on Thursday and feel amazingly blessed to have gotten this far. Keep cookin' kiddos!!