Thursday, May 20, 2010

2 Month Check-up

Wednesday, the twins turned 2 months old!!! Holy cow... time flies. We had their 2 month check-up with cute Dr. Hannah. She said that they both look great and have met the milestones for this visit. They both smile. They can follow you with their eyes, and they are more alert. She said that they should start cooing any day now. Caroline makes some attempts, but hasn't quite mastered it. (click on their stats if you need to see them bigger)

They needed to eat before their appointment, so I got to the clinic an hour early to give them plenty of time. I got all set up and then fed them before a live audience... really! It was like no one had ever seen twins before let alone one person feed them both at the same time.

Here was our set up

Worth is a much faster eater than Caroline. So, he was quite content to stare out of the window for the remaining half hour.

We finally got called back and the sweet babes had to be stripped down. They look so sweet... little do they know they each have three painful shots ahead of them!

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Thank goodness I could give them tylenol after the shots. They were both running fever by the time we got home, and were NOT happy campers. I spent most of last night awake with one of them. They were super fussy and would only sleep if they were held. Needless to say, at 5am I gave in. I built a fort of pillows on the couch and settled in with them both on my chest.

Shots=NO FUN!

And, for the record, I kind of wanted to cry with them.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Everyone Sleeps!

These comforting words greet you as you open your Nap Nanny, and yes my friends... everyone DOES sleep! Thank you God! After much debate I forked over the gross $129.00 it took to own this gem. Caroline's reflux is still no better and she had reached the point where lying in her bed wasn't an option. She either had to sleep on one of us (which means we get no sleep) or in her bouncy seat. Still, she just wouldn't stay asleep. She would wake up and grunt so loud. When I say grunt, it sounds like her leg is being cut off. You can tell she is in pain.

I just had the hardest time justifying the cost of this Nap Nanny, but now that it's here, IT WAS WORTH IT! I can lay my child in the bed still somewhat awake, and she will lull herself to sleep. Before, she would have to be nearly comatose to lie flat. That usually involved an hour or more of rocking, swaying, shushing, tip toeing to her bed, and moving your hands off of her one finger at a time. 9 times out of 10, you then repeat.

Here is Caroline living it up in the Nanny. P.S. I had no idea it was this big. It almost doesn't fit in her bed with the bumpers.

In addition to getting more sleep, we also had a fun weekend! Friday night Eugene and I went to eat Sushi (babies too) with Bettye Jane and Charlie Roberts. It was a fun night! It was our second family outing. We made much more of a scene this time though. Then Saturday we cooked out our friends Mark and Holly's house.

Worth hanging around the grill with Daddy. Check out that pot belly!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


it is NEVER to early to instill the pride!

Go State!

Caroline, don't even joke about going to that school to the north!
(for you non Mississippi residents, that would be Ole Miss)

Worth doing his best, "it was a long night on fraternity row" impression.

And Caroline, looking fired up and ready to be a bulldog one day!

I also had to include this picture. Eugene snapped it the other day. My three children!

Clearly, Caroline is a little more awake these days than her brother. He is still sleepy and snuggly!

The Soph

My brother sent me this picture today of Sophie. (It's a little blurry because it was taken with his phone.) Has Sophie gotten big or what??!! She is SOOO cute. I can't wait to actually get to spend some time with this little beauty. I feel like I don't have quite the bond with her like I did with Ava. I know that is because I was pregnant and couldn't travel. Little Soph, we have lots to catch up on!!

Since we are talking about nieces... please look at stinking GORGEOUS Ava is! This is her school picture. Oh I love this little angel!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nursery Pictures

I just realized that in all the crazieness that was the end of my pregnancy I never posted any pictures of the nursery. So... for your enjoyment

Monday, May 10, 2010

Smiles and Snuggles

We are still alive over here in "twinville." Worth and Caroline have been doing well and have actually started sleeping a LITTLE bit more at night. I have been following Baby Wise (a book that helps me develop a schedule for both day and night). So, that and a lot of great advice from friends have helped the babies stretch their night time feedings out! Instead of feeding them at 12am, 3am, and 6am we are feeding at 2am and 6am! Woo Hoo!!!

Eugene and I have a system that helps us each get some sleep. I have been taking the 2am feeding and he takes the 6am feeding. It's amazing what 4 hours of straight sleep can do for your mental state.

I love this picture. They were both napping on a pillow in my lap. I looked down to see them holding hands... too sweet! And... please look at Worth's smile. I could eat him up!

Daddy and Worth snugglin'

Daddy's girl already

All smiles

Look at my big ol' boy! I could kiss those chubby cheeks all day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Flood Waters

I mentioned in my post the other day that we got some terrible weather here over the weekend. Well, not only was it severe it was torrential. Dyersburg (about 15 minutes from Halls) sustained some serious flooding. The Forked Deer River is at its highest level since 1937. Please pray for the families that lost their homes and also those that lost their businesses.

The flooding is mostly located in south Dyersburg. Here are some pictures that a friend of mine took while flying over the devastation. (Click on the pictures to make them bigger)

Old Hwy going toward 51

The Budweiser plant off of Hwy 51

Hwy 412 between Halls and Jackson. (Good thing this happened after I had babies. I would hate to try to get to the hospital through this mess!)

Cottonvilla Subdivsion

Submerged tractor

Dodge Store on old hwy 51

Dairy Queen on old Hwy 51 with water almost up to the roof

Ariel view of "south town" coming from Hwy 51 S

Too cute

I know that many of my facebook friends saw this picture when I posted it, but I had to share it here too. They look like they are just having a party... I'm thinking Worth's doing the sprinkler and Caroline is Raisin' the Roof!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bad Weather but Good Times

Although west Tennessee was slammed with terrible weather and floods this weekend, my mom and Aunt Gayle came to visit. They were the silver lining to the storm clouds for sure! Eugene went to a bachelor party in St. Louis, so it was a girls weekend... well plus Worth.

We did spend a little time in the basement Friday and Saturday night with the tornado sirens blaring. Thank goodness nothing came of those storms. It was pretty scary thinking about a tornado and infant twins in the same scenario.

Gayle and Caroline having some snuggle time

Sweet Worth just chillin'

Little Miss Priss