Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Family Christmas, Tacky duds, and a doggie birthday!

Christmas in Natchez
As do they all, another Christmas has come and gone. I must say that this year I found the holidays to be bittersweet. I kept my thoughts with Paw Paw thinking and knowing how much he would be missed, but not truly having any idea until the day came. I think I wasn't the only one in the room swallowing the lump in my throat as we opened presents. My grandmother had a "new spot" to open her presents. She and Paw Paw had always sat on the piano bench, but this year she sat somewhere else. It was a true moment of wow... he's not here. As my mom says, you can't avoid the stages of grief. You have to face them at each moment they arise. All that being said, we did have a wonderful Christmas celebration in Natchez. Ava, of course, stole the show! She got a precious wagon from my grandmother and was no doubt running with it down the hall. She also debuted her temper tantrums for the family. Those were the moments I was glad to be the aunt! :)

Ava and Aunt Kathy

Eugene, me, Adam, and Katie (In our usual present opening spots... we are big on tradition!)

Just one second earlier she was lying on my chest being so sweet!

Taking in all the presents while sitting in her wagon.

On one of her many runs down the hall!

Eugene and I had a great Christmas morning together at home. We headed back from Natchez on Christmas Eve to do Christmas with his family. I really enjoyed getting up early, making coffee, and having "just the two of us time." Ok... three of us. Sam was all in the middle of present opening. He had lots of fun ripping into each package and then utterly destroying every shred of wrapping paper on the ground.

Sam and his prize Reindeer present from Eugene's sister and brother in law. He loves it! Somehow he has managed not to rip the head off yet. Good boy!

Opening presents will wear you out!

Tacky Christmas

Every year a few people get together in Natchez and throw a Tacky Christmas party. This was the first year that Eugene and I were actually in town to go. When we figured out that we would be in town, we were both so excited to start planning our costumes. This year, the theme was Tacky Christmas goes formal. I was on a mission to find the most horrendous dress you can imagine. I searched EBay, vintage websites… nothing. Then in talking with my sister in law she reminded me that in the attic of our home were years worth of clothing. You see for those of you who don’t know, Eugene and I are the fourth generation to live in this house. His sister did a beautiful job of making it just perfect and beautifully up to date, and we… well reap the benefits. Thanks Elizabeth. Anyway, back to the apparel. So, I go into this closet and dig out some interesting items when out of the blue there it is, glistening with all of its silver and red decadence. The shoulder pads were gleaming. The tassel swinging… it was the sweet nectar to my Tacky Christmas dream!

“My man” as I fondly referred to him that night had quite the getup as well. He nabbed a great green blazer from the mission and rest we assembled with things we had. Pair of 32 inch waist khaki pants that are just way too tight and too short… check. A pair of patent leather white shoes from Paw Paw’s closet… belt to match, check. Too tight red turtleneck, check. Gold chain… check. And the cherry on top, a nasty little line of a beard that Eugene referred to as a “playa beard.” Ugh, I cringe thinking about it.

Behold us in our beauty…

Last but not least in this what must seem to you the reader as the longest post ever… Sam turned one!! Dec 29th marked one year that sweet Sam made his little way into this world.

I just finished reading the book Marley and Me that Eugene gave me for Christmas. It is such a great book and really captures the love and devotion between pets and their owners. I know we have only had Sam since last February, but our lives would not be the same without him. It is hard to believe that he was once this tiny little 6 pound puppy who slept between our pillows. Now he is a 100 pound puppy who still likes to sleep between us!

I am so thankful that Sam is part of lives. He has made our little family of three perfectly quaint, well hyperactively quaint, but still wonderful. Here is a little “year in review.”

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