Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Doggie Breath is great

Eugene and I went to eat sushi and see Marley and Me last night. He gave me the book last year for Christmas and I read it in 2 days… so needless to say I have been DYING to see the movie. I knew that it would be a TJ (tear jerker) as we say in my family, but I had to see it.

As I told Eugene after the movie, I haven’t cried that hard in a movie since Titanic. My poor bother can attest that crying fit. He was so embarrassed. What can I say; I was 17 and a hopeless romantic. The thought of Jack and Rose being robbed of their new love was totally overwhelming to me. Ok, enough of that back to Marley.

The movie was great and really tugged at your heartstrings if you are a dog lover. We know that pets aren't people, but I think they really can bring out the best in anyone! Here are just a few reasons that Eugene and I are BIG TIME dog lovers.

The beginning of the love affair: Eugene and Sam when he was a little bitty puppy

1. We often have a 110 lb 5 foot long dog sleeping in the middle of us in a queen sized bed. No, you are right… there isn’t enough room. But, we love it.
2. Sam has total run of our house. I am sure it annoying to some, but he is our baby.
3. Everyone that meets him first says, WOW that is a big dog. Then it is immediately followed by but he is so pretty or he is so sweet… and he is!
4. He loves to snuggle, spoon to be exact.
5. We are pretty sure we now speak dog. Sam will make certain noises and we think we know what he means. Silly I know… but like I said we love this guy!
6. When he drinks water he slings it everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. He drinks with such vigor that water is usually all over the floor and dripping down his fur. He doesn’t use his manners when someone is standing near either… wet feet are often in house.
7. He loves to play tug of war. He can pull me like a skier if I have on socks and he is holding the rope toy. Watch out 2010 Winter Olympics. We may have coined a new sport!
8. If you so much as mention the word “outside” he will jump up ready to go even from a dead sleep.
9. He knows when we don’t feel well… he once laid right outside of our room like he was guarding us for hours when Eugene and I both had the stomach virus.
10. He loves us unconditionally. Wherever we are, he wants to be with us… and we feel the same.

"A dog has no use for fancy cars or big homes or designer clothes. Status symbol means nothing to him. A waterlogged stick will do just fine. A dog judges others not by their color or creed or class but by who they are inside. A dog doesn't care if you are rich or poor, educated or illiterate, clever or dull. Give him your heart and he will give you his. -John Grogan (author of Marley and Me)


Monday, December 29, 2008

And Christmas Fun Was Had By All

Where do I begin?

Eugene and I had a WONDERFUL Christmas. It really spanned the entire month I think! We kicked our festivities off with a wedding in Natchez Dec 13th. Then, we hosted a tacky Christmas party at our house. Next we went back to Natchez for my family's Christmas. Finally we headed home to Halls to have Eugene’s family Christmas part 1 on Sunday night. My parents came up for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We all went over to the Pugh’s for lunch on the 25th and Christmas part 2. It really meant a lot to me that my sweet in-laws didn’t mind my parents being there. That is the first time in four years that Eugene and I both were able to spend Christmas Day with both of our parents.

First things first... Betty Jane (from Natchez) and Charlie (from Halls) were married in Natchez on Dec 13th. The wedding was beautiful. Eugene and I took Mary Kathryne and Chris Minton down with us. We had an absolute blast. Chris has a relative that owns Choctaw. It is a beautiful bed and breakfast in Natchez. So, he and Mary stayed there. Eugene and I stayed my best friend Kate. It was a great kick off to the Christmas season!

Eugene and I standing on the widow's walk of Choctaw. The big steeple in background is my church where we were married.

Eugene and I with Chris and Mary

Posted by PicasaMary and I cuttin' a rug on the dance floor!

Tacky is so in right now!! Well... tacky Christmas parties that is. We had such a fun time hosting ours. I am wearing one of my sister in laws' dress and Eugene is sporting his trusty tacky outfits. Please notice his terrible braided belt and that awesome swoop job he did to it!

The girls... not everyone dressed up.

Brad, trust me this photo does not do him justice. He looked like a Christmas Leprechaun. The, we have Nikki. He dressed like Cousin Eddie from Christmas vacation. HILARIOUS!

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Ava of course was the best source of entertainment at the Beauvais family Christmas. She racked up on gifts and played hard! Eugene and I gave her Elmo Live, which I am pretty sure she loved.

You can see her precious reaction in this video.

My parents... miss y'all already!

My mom with her three sisters Gayle, Kathy, and JoAnne.

Posted by PicasaEugene, me, Katie, & Adam

Eugene’s family did Christmas in two parts. Part 1 was on Sunday night before Christmas. His sister Elizabeth, her husband Paul, and Paul’s daughter Lauren were leaving to go to Florida on Christmas Eve to be with Paul’s family. So, we all got together and had a wonderful dinner and “some” present opening. Mary Hellen (my mother in law) made the best shrimp pasta. I need to get the recipe from her and post it! It beat any pasta I have had in a restaurant!

Eugene with his two sisters, Leigh and Elizabeth

Elizabeth with her cute dog Regan. Maddie decided she needed to dress him up in Leigh's scarf. Cute, don't you think!?!

Maddie and Regan

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Paul, Lauren, Maddie, and Mike

Christmas Day was great! Santa of course had to make a visit to Halls for Sam. He got some toys and treats. Much to my chagrin, Sam found his some of his hidden toys before Christmas. I came home one day and he had busted into the pantry and dug out his Tough Plush Moo Cow. He was going to town with that thing! So... he only had a couple of presents to open. It was fun. He ripped into those bags.

Don't judge me... I know I look bad. It was Christmas morning for goodness sakes! :)

Eugene and I gave our precious niece Maddie the cutest shirt. She calls Eugene's mother Mimi, and I thought this was so fitting!

This picture is priceless. Here is my mother (happy after a cocktail) modeling my Christmas gift from Eugene. Note: These cowboy boots are for fashion. I have NO intention of stomping through manure anytime soon.

Posted by PicasaNot sure what we are doing here, but somehow this was the only family photo taken during all of Christmas at our house. Shame on us!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

She's on the move...

Whew... is it really on Tuesday. I am so ready for this week to be over. It has been a killer. Anyway, we had a WONDERFUL thanksgiving. Eugene and I went to Natchez to be with my family. He was feeling quite under the weather and was able to sleep, A LOT! We had sensational food and got lots of great visiting time in.
Ava was surely the highlight of the week. She has just become such a little person. She is the happiest child and talks up a storm. She sings songs, says her ABC's, and can bark out an order like "Unc Gene come here and sit down" better than most. I tried really hard to get cute pictures of her on Thursday, but I tell you... that girl moves! If she wasn't swinging then she was running. If she wasn't running she was dressing and undressing Barbie and Ken. I miss her already. I can't believe she will be two in just a couple of weeks. Time flies!

Eugene and I came home on Saturday. I had a big work project to finish up and we wanted to decorate for Christmas. I made these precious topiaries out of ornaments to put on my mantle. They turned out really cute! I saw some last year a store in Dyersburg, and they were really expensive. I decided to harbor my inner creativity and make some myself. I was pretty pleased!

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