Monday, December 29, 2008

And Christmas Fun Was Had By All

Where do I begin?

Eugene and I had a WONDERFUL Christmas. It really spanned the entire month I think! We kicked our festivities off with a wedding in Natchez Dec 13th. Then, we hosted a tacky Christmas party at our house. Next we went back to Natchez for my family's Christmas. Finally we headed home to Halls to have Eugene’s family Christmas part 1 on Sunday night. My parents came up for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We all went over to the Pugh’s for lunch on the 25th and Christmas part 2. It really meant a lot to me that my sweet in-laws didn’t mind my parents being there. That is the first time in four years that Eugene and I both were able to spend Christmas Day with both of our parents.

First things first... Betty Jane (from Natchez) and Charlie (from Halls) were married in Natchez on Dec 13th. The wedding was beautiful. Eugene and I took Mary Kathryne and Chris Minton down with us. We had an absolute blast. Chris has a relative that owns Choctaw. It is a beautiful bed and breakfast in Natchez. So, he and Mary stayed there. Eugene and I stayed my best friend Kate. It was a great kick off to the Christmas season!

Eugene and I standing on the widow's walk of Choctaw. The big steeple in background is my church where we were married.

Eugene and I with Chris and Mary

Posted by PicasaMary and I cuttin' a rug on the dance floor!


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