Saturday, September 8, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well my bags are packed, but I'm not ready to go! I leave tomorrow for training in Parsippany, NJ for a month! I tell you, I am heartbroken at the thought of being away from Eugene for this long! I hope I can make it. I keep telling myself that Oct. 5th will be here before I know it. I just hope that is the case.

I am really going to miss Sam as well. I hope he doesn't forget me! This is how we spent our last night together... he chewed a bone and I begged him to give me his best "I miss my mom face" for the camera. You can see that I didn't win. The bone was a lot more interesting than me.

Eugene and I went to eat sushi tonight for our "final" night together. :( It was fun. Now I am so full though I just need to go to sleep.

I will have my laptop with me in NJ, so I will hopefully blog a little while I am there. I know the first two weeks are pretty tough, or so I have heard. Keep me in your thoughts if you will...


LT (and Max) said...

thinking about you (and eugene and sam too!)
it'll go by fast!!!!

Lacey said...

katie, you're going to do awesome! time will definitely fly by. and i am sure that sam will miss you! how can he forget his mama??? i hope everything goes really well and you get to do some sight-seeing in NJ (totally kidding). be safe!

mary straton said...

congrats on your new adventure. you'll do great.

I saw one of my favorite Viking people Kathy Nash at Primos the other day. We both commented on how cute you are. :)