Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Fa ra ra ra ra...

Move over Clark Griswold. There is a new house in town. Eugene has worked so hard making our house so Christmas festive. It looks beautiful. This picture really dose not do it justice. It is very reminiscent of a ginger bread house. The lights go all the way down each side of the house too! Great job Eugene! We hope to win the "most beautiful" award this year! Let's all keep our fingers crossed Halls committee of "whoever decides on this kind of stuff" recognizes!

While Eugene spent all last week working so hard on the outside, I managed to get our tree up and our mantle decoratoed. I thought they turned out well. Now... I just need to finish the christmas shopping.

I hope that everyone's holiday season is getting off to a great start!


Unknown said...

it looks so great!!! and I love the title.

my favorite movie!