Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh Jump Rope!

So, I have been trying to be a little more physically fit these days. I am so out of shape that I can't even climb a set of steps without getting winded. I was watching television the other night, and the cute but way too skinny host of E! News, Giuliana Rancic was talking about Madonna's daily workout. She said that Madge does 300 reps of jump rope a day. If she trips on any of the counts, she starts over. Giuliana tried it herself and could not get past 156. (This is fast jump rope... not jumping rope to Cinderella dressed in yellow went upstairs to kiss her fellow, made a mistake, kissed a snake, how many doctors will it take... 1,2,3)

Ok, so in my mind I was like, yeah I can do that!! I can jump rope. Giuliana you are just too skinny. Let me put these thighs to the test. Watch out Madge... here I come!

I will have you all know that I failed MISERABLY! I couldn't get past 29. I would stop... breathe, borderline hyperventilate, and start over. By the time I would make it to the 20's I was grunting like Maria Sharapova on the tennis court. Sam wouldn't even come near me.

The moral of my story... Jump rope is not for the faint of heart or the out of shape! I am very sore today.