Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby it's cold outside

We have been getting some icy weather today. We woke up this morning to ice covered trees and cold temps. I stayed home today not wanting to risk the getting "trapped" in Jackson (Tennessee) with icy roads. We are expected to get more tonight.

Is it bad to say that I like this weather? (Disclaimer: as long as no one is getting injured) I say this now as we still have power and heat!!! I will let you all know when and if my thoughts change as night goes on. But today has been great! Eugene and I were WORTHLESS and spent some much needed, post duck hunting time together today.

I even made smores!! This was truly the highlight of the day!

I found this picture of an ice storm in Switzerland in 2007. How crazy is this? At least this isn't the degree of ice we have! :)


Ashley said...

We had icy weather yesterday too but it didn't get as bad in our county as it did in a few close by. I was worthless yesterday too =0) It's good to have those kind of days every now and then.

The Shermans said...

You better pray that you don't lose power. The fun ends when the power goes.

Tony Raz said...

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