Sunday, May 31, 2009

A month in the life

I know that all of my faithful reader(s) have been waiting with bated breath for my return. Well... wait no longer my friends. I am back. Life has been quite busy in the last month. I will steal a page from the Skaggs funny blog and list rather than paragraph my way through this recap.

1. VOTE 4 PUGH: My father in law won the mayoral race. He has been mayor for A LONG TIME here in Halls. Then four years ago he was beaten out. But fear no more, order has been restored. Big Eugene is back in power. He won by a landslide... 26 votes. No really, a landslide! (Don't forget that the population of Halls is 1500) We celebrated, and he agreed that his first order of business could be my request... cut the grass at the skanky vacant house across the street from me. Job well done!! Grass is no longer waist high.

2. Ava lovin’: Eugene and I got to spend some great quality time with little (or should I say growing) Ava. We picked her up in Jackson one weekend and took her onto Natchez. Whew… traveling with kids is different. We had such a great time. Eugene and I bought her a Dora bathing suit and slip-n-slide and set it up at my grandmothers. She had a blast!

3. IT'S A GIRL!: Adam and Katie (brother and sis in law) found out that Katie is having another little girl! I can't wait to meet this precious baby, Sophie Jules Spence. Her middle name is after my late grandfather. CJ would be smiling from ear to ear if he could meet his little name sake!

4. THIS OLD HOUSE: We have made lots of progress with our upstairs/attic renovation. The framers came and went. Now, I can REALLY tell what it is going to look like. I can't wait for the finished result. See pics below of the progress so far. Also, I repainted my dining room. It was this really busy wallpaper. It turned out beautiful!!! Lots of house “stuff” going on with us!

5. WE ARE FAMILY: My parents came up to visit this weekend! My sweet daddy is an electrician and is going to wire upstairs for us. Thanks Dad for saving us some $$$ and all of your hard work over the weekend!

6. THE GARDEN STATE: I am in New Jersey for work this week. I had to go back for Advanced training. Once you have been the company for 2 years they call you back to the mother ship to induce more brainwashing. :) It's hard to believe two years has already past. Time sure does fly.
One side of the Jack and Jill bathroom

The other side of the Jack and Jill bathroom (still missing some walls... gotta wait for plumbing)

Bedroom (The bed will come out of the big bookcase looking thing)



Same bedroom as below, this is just the angled area.


Office nook

I have recovered the chairs since this picture... but you get the idea.

Too cool for school on the way down. Please notice the lamb in her lap. It's full name was "Mary had a little lamb."

I used to ride this worm too!

Slipin' & Slidin'

Chillin' wearing her paperclip bracelets

Totally worn out after a weekend of FUN!