Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Double the Blessings!

Sam is going to be a big brother... TO TWINS!

Eugene and I are still a little bit in shock (to say the least) but are VERY excited. We found out we were pregnant a few weeks ago, and had our first ultrasound today. It went something like this...

Ultrasound lady: Here is the baby. Heartbeat looks good. And... here is the other one .
Me: The other what?
Ultrasound lady: The other baby.
Eugene: Holy S***

It was a wonderful moment of excitement and terror all rolled into one. I am not sure that it has really hit us 100% yet. The twins look healthy. They are in separate sacks, which is a good thing. Baby A's heartbeat was 126 and Baby B's heartbeat was 150. I can't seem to get our scanner to work. I will try to put some pictures up of the babies tomorrow. I'm too tired at the moment! :) Oh yeah, we are due in April!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sophie's Nursery Rhymes

With Sophie's birth only 2 short months away, Adam and Katie have been working hard to get Ava transitioned to her "big girl" room. They have also been getting Sophie's room set up. I volunteered to paint canvases for both girls' new rooms. Katie (my sis in law) had the best idea. She wanted nursery rhymes for Sophie. Here is how they turned out. I will start on Ava's this week. I can't wait to see that precious little one this weekend!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Un poco de vacaciones

Eugene and I took a GREAT last minute little vacation at the end of July. It was great. We booked it on Tuesday, and we flew out on Saturday. We went to Cabo San Lucas, and it was gorgeous! We stayed at the Dreams Los Cabos Resort, which is an all inclusive place. LOVED IT! The grounds were beautiful. Our rooms were perfect. We really couldn't have asked for more.

View from our balcony
View of our resort from the beach.

The biggest waves I have ever seen! You can't swim in the ocean in Cabo because the waves and current are so strong. (Well you can swim in certain spots)

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We decided to recreate one of the corona commercials. This of course was after a long day at the beach and having consumed many coronas.

Before dinner our first night

Walking on the beach

Daredevil Eugene Pugh. This picture doesn't do justice to how big these waves were! Oh, he got wiped out!

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The views on the beach were great. I loved the coastal mountains in the ocean.

We made friends! Ashlee and Benji were from West Virginia. They were on their honeymoon. We had a lot of fun with them!

My dear husband was so proud of his Ray Ban purchase from a Mexican Vendor. He loved the lime green. He still thinks they are authentic. I think they say Ray Bam. :)

This was our last afternoon. We lived in this spot!! The infiniti pool with a swim up bar was a great place to be!

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