Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No wire hangers, ever!

Saturday, instead of being in Starkville cheering on our bulldogs, I cleaned out my closet. Trust me when I say we would have MUCH rather been cheering. Eugene had been a little under the weather, and I was starting to feel that way myself.

Since we found out we were preggo in August, I feel like I have been sick everyday. I think I have FINALLY turned a corner. Praise God! I would have thrown up everyday if it meant getting these two here safely, but I am sure am glad that it looks to be a done deal with the vomit. Moving on... because I have felt like crap, my house has shown it. My sweet hubby has done so much helping out, but lets face it, if you don't pick up after yourself it is just a mess. I'm embarrassed to admit it... but it's true.
HI MY NAME IS KATIE, AND I HAVE BEEN A SLOB FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS! (please excuse my horrid appearance. i was, after all, cleaning not walking the runway.)

After 6 hours or purging, packing up 5 bags for Goodwill, and just putting stuff away it was clean. Whew!
Eugene spent his Saturday mostly in this position...

and Sam, well his life is just hard!


The Menetres said...

Sam will really be pouting once those two get here!! Be proud you have a closet you can sit in the middle of and clean. Mine is the size of a small coat closet!!! It is a nightmare!!!!! Think slob for over a year now!!!

The Quinns said...

I voted for one of each-and i know i already told you this and you said your mom agreed but i would like to go on record as saying the floating babies on your blog creep me out-there i've said it and when they get bigger and cuter I will recant!! Love-Liz

Unknown said...

i am so glad you are feeling better. So sorry you have been sick.
I voted for two boys, but I think I am about to vote for one of each!
I am impressed with your cleaning. And I am with Gracie - our closets in this rental are teee-niny! I just packed up three garbage bags of stuff for consignment and goodwill just because there is no room!!

John said...

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