Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monkey Business

I am so VERY late in posting about my baby shower that I had in Natchez Jan 16th. My only excuse is that I am 29 weeks preggo with twins and tired. Does that count?

Anyway, it was an AMAZING shower given by some AMAZING friends. Kate, Marcie, Lori Beth, and sweet sis in law Katie hosted such an incredible day for me and my two little ones. I think my most favorite touch was the monkeys... let me explain.

I slept with this precious "Mr. Monkey" until February 18, 2005 (the day before I got married). Now (because my husband thinks that A:you should not sleep with a stuffed animal when you are married, and B: he has red eyes and is scary) Mr. Monkey lives in my closet on a shelf. He has been a life long friend. :) Monkey was my first word and my brother, with help of course, dashed out and got me a monkey of my own. Please notice his exhausted expression. He has feeding the twin sock monkeys apparently.

I now present to you, Frankie and Buddy. Caroline and Worth's sock monkeys that I hope they love as much as I do.

Here are some other highlights...

Look at how pretty the table looked! I love the bananas in the flower arrangement! Very monkey sheek .

My great hostesses, Lori Beth, Kate, and Marcie.

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