Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where does the time go?

I can't believe that my babies are over one month old!?! Crazy! I know I haven't been the best at posting in their first month of life, but time is just hard to come by these days. In their first month of life, here are a few snippets about each...


*He weighs 7lbs 2oz. He has gained 3 whole pounds in 1 month! AKA... the boy likes to eat.

*He is a GREAT baby... sleeps, eats, repeats the previous.

*He has big eyes that when you catch them open will melt your heart.

*He hates to be naked. That and hunger are really the only reason he cries.


*She weighs 6lbs 15oz. Even though brother passed her, she is puttin' on the pounds too.

*Poor baby has struggled in her first month. She is battling acid reflux and it is really causing her MAJOR discomfort. She also has Thrush for the 2nd time in 10 days and lovingly shared it with her brother too.

*She sleeps... well, not too well or too often. She must not require a lot, or any for that matter.

*She grunts SO loud all day everyday and all night every night. It was cute and funny at first, now I know she is uncomfortable. Bless her... (and us)

*She is a sucker for her daddy. She loves to sleep on his chest.

This is my view on a typical day. I feed both babies at the same time every three hours. I found these great pillows at and they are wonderful. The first two weeks I tandem nursed (trust me no pics of that to be shown even though Eugene chased me with a camera to capture the very "cowlike" image.) It's too hard to do that alone during the day so this is what they get.

I do ask for continued prayers of strength and patience for Eugene and me. We are both up every night for feedings so rest is a thing of the past. Of course this can wear on one's nerves and emotions. I sometimes think I cry more in a day's time than the babies.


Amy Stewart said...

Oh sweet Katie, those babies are absolutely adorable!!!!!!! I can only imagine how precious sleep is, but just remember that this too shall pass. (Although I didn't believe it would! :)) You will look up and they will be eight months old pulling up on everything in sight!!!

Don't feel bad about crying a lot...I know for a fact that I cried more than Mary Morgan ever did! I think it has a lot to do with the lack of sleep, lack of "me" time (doesn't exist but wouldn't trade it for the world!), and the CRAZY hormones!

I will continuously pray for your sweet family!!!

Heather said...

they are so precious!

and how funny about worth - Jones HATES being naked. He pretty much thinks we are torturing him with every diaper change. I am hoping this is a passing phase, if not it will be a long couple of years with diapers!

I will pray for you for sure. I can't imagine having two. I cried forever the first night home with Jones. I was exhausted, couldn't make him happy, and my milk was not sufficient at the time for him to be satisfied. It was heartbreaking! And I just have one. I can't imgaine that times two.

Know you and your family are being prayed for! You are not alone!!

The Segrest Family said...

katie - they are ADORABLE!!!! and im proud that you are updating the blog! I know that time is precious - and the last thing you want to be doing is updating the blog =). I will pray that Caroline starts feeling better and sleeping... Camp had reflux too - and it is NOT FUN. we actually started (per our doctor) putting rice cereal in his bottles at 6 weeks old. this helped ALOT. he was a bigger baby though, so i don't know if that matters or not? he took zantac too.
i promise, the days that you feel like you will NEVER sleep for more than 3 hours again... YOU WILL!!!! think of this as a season of life - and it will get better!!!!!!
hang in there friend. you are doing a great job mama!

Mandy said...

Speaking from experience:
Hang in there, it only gets easier! I know it seems like you will never sleep again, but you will! Accept all the help you can when family and friends come over. I remember wanting to do it all, and it's just not hardly possible. I so remember those exhausting late nights with tears of complete exhaustion!
Going from no children to twins can turn your world upside down. But, each month will become a little easier.