Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The evenings when I get home from work are definite challenges. Usually both babies are a little fussy and tired from the day, and I have a list one thousand miles long of things to do. (laundry, clean the house up, cook dinner, finish any paper work etc from my day... you name it!) I find myself cooking dinner with an audience A LOT!

This usually involves me singing a variety of songs in silly voices to keep them entertained. If I was on candid camera, you would all get a good laugh.

The babies have really fallen in love with their blankets. I gave them to them because it seemed to be the only things they could and would teethe on. Now, they love to snuggle them! Worth has Johhny (John Deere of course) and Caroline has Nellie (short for Penelope the pig.)

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