Monday, July 16, 2007

A Whole Lot of Sunnin' Going On!

We had a great weekend with lots of sunnin' going on. It started off on a sad note with me learning that my sweet Paw Paw had to go back into the hospital. We were going to head to Natchez for the weekend but decided to wait it out instead. So... we did lots of pool and river lounging over 2 days.

One thing for you have to know about me... I constantly sing and dance. I skip, twirl, leap, and sing all over my house on a normal basis. Eugene is adjusted by now, and Sam used to chase me but now he just looks at me like... what in the world are you doing? I get it honestly. I can't tell you the times I remember my mother breaking out into song, twirling whatever. I guess that is just what we do. I was so excited that we were going to the pool on Saturday that Eugene caught me singing to Sam as I was getting his dog food in the bowl. I was coming out of the pantry and jumped into the kitchen singing.. he caught it on film! It was a good honest "Katie" moment.

I want to say I was singing... The bowl is alive with sound of dog food (Of course to the tune from the Sound of Music...the hills are alive with the sound of music.) I know!

Anyway, Sam was thrilled to... he got to go swimming. Our sweet friend Mary Kathryne's dad has a FABULOUS pool. It is one of those gorgeous infinity pools with this waterfall. Every time I am there I can just hear Robert Leach in the background saying how Fabulous this place is! Anyway, the pool has a wading spot and as you can all the dogs had a blast. Sam was so tired after his day of play!

Sam getting ready to ride.

Sam, Sable, and Barkley taking a dip!

Look how neat this pool is... that is a big lake/pond in the background!

Sam was ready to swim not pose for a picture!

Finally, Sunday all our crew went on the river. It posed to be a little different this time as the boat died and we were stranded in the MS river with no phones or anything. But... luckily someone got a signal and we were rescued before anything bad happened. Whew, scary! I NEVER want to be out there like that again!

Holly (Baby Carter's mom), Mary Kathryne, me, Natalie (MK and Nat are sisters and two great friends!)

Eugene and Richard during our boat ride.


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Hey, i was just browsing blogs via the strip at the top, and came across yours, and it is adorable. I love the design and your dogs are too cute. Hope you are enjoying your summer!

The Benjamins said...

That pool is great! When need one of those and the lake too!

The Segrest Family said...

you are too cute. wish you lived here....

Unknown said...

Hey! I ran into Elizabeth tonight while Parker, Scout, and I were on a walk. Come to find out, we live in the same neighborhood. She told me about y'all wanting to go on a vacation. You should have totally posted on our blog. I suggested that yall find an all inclusive in the carribean. Although we loved Mexico and the place we stayed, we like the carribean better. If you want to go to Cabo though, our place is the place to go. It was called Pueblo Bonito at Sunset Beach. We went to Biras Creek in Virgin Gorda for our honeymoon. There is a slide show at the bottom of my blog with a few pictures. I told her to please contact me if yall have any questioins. I would love to help in any way that I can. Your dog is super cute. I hate he has had some trouble this summer. I hope he is doing better. I am going to put you as our friends on our blog. Let me know if I can help y'all more! Sorry for the long post!

Jenny said...

i love that pool, and you are super duper cute. i concur...wish you lived nearby:-)

JWhite said...

love the singing... if ellie had a camera, I am sure there would be incriminating pics of me, too!