Thursday, August 26, 2010

Makin' memories

The babies were in the best mood yesterday when we got home from daycare/work. So we had a little 5 month photo session.

"Oh Worth just face it... I'm the cutest."

Family fun

A serious conversation

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My handsome little man

Worth is AMAZED by his hands and feet. I find him staring like this a lot!

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My beautiful girl

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Please pass the spoon...

because I could pretty much eat these two kiddos up!

Worth is teething like crazy. He cut his two bottom teeth at 4.5 months. I really think he is working hard on his top ones now. They haven't broken through, but he has ALL the symptoms.

It may sound crazy, but both Caroline and Worth are really just now holding their heads up well. Maybe I didn't do enough tummy time, or maybe being a month early has some of their developmental milestones a bit delayed. I am quite relieved that they can both "do the turtle." This was the best I could get of Caroline. She has her hand in her mouth 23.75 hours a day.

For those of you who have seen my sweet bucket headed baby boy in person, you know this is a BIG milestone! I am so proud he can pick up his big ole melon.

Everyday is a true delight with these two sweet babies. I feel less overwhelmed more often than not these days. That's a good feeling. For anyone that has ever suffered from the baby blues finally reaching a point when you have more happy times than sad times is such a welcomed change.
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We are getting good at eating our cereal!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The twins are really starting to enjoy the other's company. They cannot get enough of each other's faces. I love to lay them in the bed together first thing in the morning and listen to them talk back and forth to one another!

"Let me tell you something Worth, I'm in charge... no matter what anyone says!"

We started the babies on rice cereal this past weekend. I had no idea that eating with a spoon would be such a foreign concept for these little kiddos. It was pretty hilarious. Worth made the most terrible face and then spit every bit of it back out. Caroline on the other hand was completely offended that we would offer her anything off of a spoon! How could we?!

"I hate change!"

"I don't know what she is crying about. Doesn't she know she can just spit it out?"

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The evenings when I get home from work are definite challenges. Usually both babies are a little fussy and tired from the day, and I have a list one thousand miles long of things to do. (laundry, clean the house up, cook dinner, finish any paper work etc from my day... you name it!) I find myself cooking dinner with an audience A LOT!

This usually involves me singing a variety of songs in silly voices to keep them entertained. If I was on candid camera, you would all get a good laugh.

The babies have really fallen in love with their blankets. I gave them to them because it seemed to be the only things they could and would teethe on. Now, they love to snuggle them! Worth has Johhny (John Deere of course) and Caroline has Nellie (short for Penelope the pig.)

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Two of a kind

4.5 months and CUTE AS CAN BE! (Maybe I'm biased though)