Sunday, July 22, 2007

Let's get together...

We had a WONDERFUL weekend! We went to Pickwick for Eugene's mother's family reunion. Mary Hellen is from Winona, MS, and this get together was long overdue! There were 19 of us all there and we had a great time! I wish I had taken more pictures. Not sure why I wasn't my usual picture taking self! I guess there was just too much visiting going on!

Kathy, your mom's eyes were shut in every picture!! This was the best one. Great seeing you and everyone this weekend. I feel lucky to be part of such a great "extended" family!


Kathy Nash said...

To Katie and all the Pugh family:
This weekend "get together" meant so much for your extended family from Mississippi. I speak as the first to comment from the Hammond bunch from Mississippi, that my Aunt Mary Hellen's crew can "put on the dog". Mary Hellen Pugh is my daddy's younger sister. As Mary Hellen's oldest niece and and oldest child of Ed and Lila Hammond, I can honestly say that our family hasn't had this much fun as a group in a long time. The food and fellowship was wonderful. I did take a few pictures with a Kodak FunSaver that Big Eugene had saved from Katie and Eugene's wedding in Natchez in February, 2005. Hopefully, they will turn out. Katie, I will send a set of prints to you, and you can post some of them. Hopefully, they will turn out okay. We may be surprised and discover some missing pictures of your wedding.

We probably all got a big grin and whistle from Granddaddy Hammond and a smile from Granny Hammond watching down on us from heaven. They would be so proud.

Thank you for the memories,
Kathy Nash

Eddie Hammond said...

Katie and all the rest of the "fam",

I cant' begin to tell you how much fun we all had this weekend. I am embarrassed for the fact that this weekend was the first time to meet both you and Paul. It is ashamed that one can get so involved with everything in life that they get too busy to fellowship with their own family.
Katie welcome to the family!(two years late). You are a beautiful, sweet girl and Eugene is a lucky man. Same for Paul....he's not beautiful and sweet but welcome to the family!
You folks certainly know how to "throw down". You could all go in business as event coordinators. In fact, I had such a good time, we should probably make up for lost time and have one of these a month until we catch up on the last 20 years or so.
Tell Mary Hellen that I appreciate her so much for taking the initiative to tackle this wonderful get-together and everybody that had a hand in it.
The first thing I did was go buy Talladega Nights at Wal-Mart last night so tell Mike to "shake and bake" and "if you aint're last!"
Let us know when ya'll are going to go back to Pickwick and maybe we can rent a house and join you again before summer is over. I want Jenny Claire to meet all of you and enjoy the lake with you.

God bless you all and thanks for everything,


Unknown said...

How funny that yall were there at the same time we were. I know all of the corinth boys would have loved to hang out with Eugene and we would have loved to hang out with you. We all go a lot and stay at Gere's cabin. Next time I will let you know and see if yall will be there.