Thursday, May 13, 2010


it is NEVER to early to instill the pride!

Go State!

Caroline, don't even joke about going to that school to the north!
(for you non Mississippi residents, that would be Ole Miss)

Worth doing his best, "it was a long night on fraternity row" impression.

And Caroline, looking fired up and ready to be a bulldog one day!

I also had to include this picture. Eugene snapped it the other day. My three children!

Clearly, Caroline is a little more awake these days than her brother. He is still sleepy and snuggly!


Nan said...

They are so cute, Katie! Congrats!

The Segrest Family said...

They are adorable!
LOVE the bulldog pics

Brandon said...

Is that a KD blanket they are on in the bulldog pics...looks like it to me!
They are precious Katie.
Natalie Jolly

Katie said...

Yes Natalie that is a KD blanket they are laying on! That is too funny that you noticed that.

The Quinns said...

Cute cute cute pictures! So Miss Caroline decided to 'wake up' huh? How's that going? You might have really lucked out with her waking up first and giving you time to get used to the 'post 6-week, really and truly alive and here and in your face Mama!' baby, before Worth joins the game...keeping my fingers crossed for continued good sleeping!

The Quinns said...

P.S. Next time you photograph Sam, make it a profile view-that one doesn't do his girth justice.

LT (and Max) said...


such cute pictures!!