Monday, May 17, 2010

Everyone Sleeps!

These comforting words greet you as you open your Nap Nanny, and yes my friends... everyone DOES sleep! Thank you God! After much debate I forked over the gross $129.00 it took to own this gem. Caroline's reflux is still no better and she had reached the point where lying in her bed wasn't an option. She either had to sleep on one of us (which means we get no sleep) or in her bouncy seat. Still, she just wouldn't stay asleep. She would wake up and grunt so loud. When I say grunt, it sounds like her leg is being cut off. You can tell she is in pain.

I just had the hardest time justifying the cost of this Nap Nanny, but now that it's here, IT WAS WORTH IT! I can lay my child in the bed still somewhat awake, and she will lull herself to sleep. Before, she would have to be nearly comatose to lie flat. That usually involved an hour or more of rocking, swaying, shushing, tip toeing to her bed, and moving your hands off of her one finger at a time. 9 times out of 10, you then repeat.

Here is Caroline living it up in the Nanny. P.S. I had no idea it was this big. It almost doesn't fit in her bed with the bumpers.

In addition to getting more sleep, we also had a fun weekend! Friday night Eugene and I went to eat Sushi (babies too) with Bettye Jane and Charlie Roberts. It was a fun night! It was our second family outing. We made much more of a scene this time though. Then Saturday we cooked out our friends Mark and Holly's house.

Worth hanging around the grill with Daddy. Check out that pot belly!!


The Quinns said...

Oh my gosh- it's like a freaking lazy-boy for newborns!! I mean, you said it was really big but it is REALLY BIG! She looks like a princess on her litter in it! Glad it's working out but if it hadn't you could have used it as a raft to float your family thru downtown halls (gargantuan Sam included) the next time the rains come-it's like an ark for the Pugh's!!

P.S. love the pot belly :)