Monday, November 3, 2008

Lovin' the leaves

When each season starts I often find myself saying "yes (fill in the blank with the new season) really is my favorite time of the year." I guess I just like the change of the weather and the new scenery. Anyway, since moving to west Tennessee four years ago I have really been introduced to fall. The colors are so much richer and vivid just 6 hours north of Natchez... (where I grew up). I don't think I realized how deep in the pine belt I lived.

Today I found myself looking at this beautiful maple tree in my yard thinking "yes, fall really is my favorite time of the year." I am sticking to that for now. If you could see this tree in person, you would understand where I am coming from. The leaves sure are a pain to clean up, but it's worth it.

Sam and I played in leaves for a while today. He loves to run and hear them crunching under his feet. He is getting to be quite the big boy these days! We have been battling a clogged tear duct for quite a while and have had him in and out of the vet a lot! Anyway, Eugene put him on the scale a few weeks ago he is 111 lbs! The catch is... he isn't fat! He is just big. I tried to put him on diet dog food, but he wouldn't have it. He just refused to eat. His favorite thing these days are running the town (literally), playing with his football, and pretending he is a lapdog. No matter what we are doing or if there is room for him, he's coming up to snuggle.

Eugene is hopefully wrapping up the harvest season this week. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED! I would love to have my husband back.

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