Saturday, November 1, 2008

Reno 911

Eugene and I dressed up for Halloween this year as Lt. Dangle and Deputy Clementine from Reno 911. We went to a party first and then onto the Halloween contest at the bar. It was such a fun night. I made our costumes out of Dickies from Wal Mart and felt!

I am not going to lie... blondes do have a lot of fun!

"Dangle, clear the area." "Copy that Clem."

Lt. Dangle working the pole in the Costume Contest. This was after he sold me out for a chick dressed up like a girl scout and I was eliminated! So rude!

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The Quinns said...

I am at a loss for words...can't believe you didn't win!!! Way better than Joe & Brandy(i) or the medical equipment!!

Crystal and Billy said...

Ya'll look the costumes!!

Dallas said...

I looked here when I needed a hearing aid repair lab.