Saturday, March 31, 2007

A Day In The Life...

Just a little update on favorite pup. Mr. Sam has had quite the eventful week. Other than just being down right adorable, he has found a new favorite toy (the broom), lost two teeth, and mastered (ok I use this term loosely) the art of walking on a leash.

I think he knows he's cute!

Case in point... on of his favorite things to do when I get home from work is to run as fast as he can down the hall to the mirror in the guest room. The then sits there and barks at himself and licks the mirror. Uh, I think my dog is offically vain! I am going to buy him a Carley Simon Greatest Hits CD.

I know it is close to Easter, but dust bunnies Sam... really!?! He loves to eat the dust bunnies off the bottom of the broom. I'll take a chocolate bunny instead thanks.

Who knew that puppies lost their teeth? I sure didn't. The rumor on the street is that once they start losing their teeth they don't chew as much. I'll have you know that is not true. We're still wearing the oven mitt!

As for mastering the leash... I don't have a picture of that. Sam and I went for a walk today at the park in Dyersburg. It is a beautiful park with tons of flowers and great 1.5 mile walking trail. He did so good on his leash. He only quit walking once and that was when he pooped out on my after 2 miles. I was pushing to get him to three. I was prepared though... I had a bottle of water and treats in the car for him. What a good momma I am!!!

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Jason, Cathy, Claire, Grey, and Nate said...

Sam is precious! Hope things are going great in Halls!

Lacey said...

Let's talk about Sam first...
a. He is SO cute and fluffy. I just can't get enough of him!
b. Minnie is vain as well. Except, she doesn't lick the mirror she barks at herself and runs back and forth as if she is playing with another dog.
c. I don't want to burst your bubble, but Sam will continue to chew. His teeth won't hurt as much when he chews on your hands when playing, but he will still chew. At least Minnie and Oscar did. Milo is the only one of mine that didn't really chew. Keep an eye on that booger! I don't think shoes ever become less appealing to those little ones!

And now...that yard.
It could be worse. You could have weeds growing EVERYWHERE. It truly doesn't look that bad. Maybe you should get some Easter decorations and just stick them where the brown spots are. That's just an idea. It would be kind of humorous to drive by and see that everyday :)