Monday, June 18, 2007

Carter's Update

I posted last week about our friends Holly and Mark and their precious little boy Carter coming a little early. He is making improvements and hopefully well on his way to coming home! There were a few set backs last week, more tubes, feeding tubes, etc. But, Eugene talked to Mark last night, and he said that Carter was doing great. He took a bottle yesterday! Maybe that is one less tube he will not have to worry about now! The main concern continues to be his underdeveloped lungs. Apparently not only was not born with this surfactant stuff, but his lungs just weren't quite ready for the world. Please continue to pray for a speedy development process so Mark and Holly can have their little one home and healthy!

Here are few pictures of the sweet little guy that Holly's dad took right after he was born. I feel so honored to share my birthday with this little guy!!