Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Prayer Request

Please keep our friends Holly and Mark Korn and their newest addition to their family, Carter, in your prayers. Carter was born 6 weeks premature. Holly's water broke in the wee hours of Tuesday morning and she and Mark welcomed Carter last night around 8:30. The doctor warned that he may have some trouble breathing, and at first he was breathing on his own but needed a little help from oxygen. Then, as time went by he began to have more trouble breathing. They ended up having to put him on a ventilator and take him the hospital in Jackson, TN. (This is about 35 minutes away). Mark went with Carter and they are discharging Holly this morning to go be with them. He will probably have to stay in the Neonatal unit for a week or so until something called surfactant develops fully in his lungs.

I know that many premature births can be much worse than this, but I can only imagine how scary this must be for Mark and Holly. She hasn't even had the chance to hold her baby yet! Please add them all to your prayer list, especially Carter!

Holly and I at her shower we gave her the first of June.


Jenny said...

bless their hearts...i will certainly be praying for them and baby carter. keep us updated.

LT (and Max) said...

i'm praying for them tough...
i was born 6 weeks early too, and had to go through something similar, so i pray that he turns out as healthy as i did.

Kelly said...


I am Kelly in Waco, TX. I admit that I have been blog jumping, and I ended up reading this post. My husband and I went through the same thing as your friends. Our son was born 6 weeks early and had the same breathing problems as well. It was a very difficult 10 days- the hardest thing I have had to go through in life. You have a dream of what it will be like when you leave the hospital with your new baby, and then you end up leaving without him. It is very difficult. Now, little Caleb is nearly 3 months old now and perfectly healthy. Let your friends know my husband and I will be praying for them. Our blog is It tells about what happened with Caleb. Sometimes it helps to read other's stories. It is encouraging that things will turn out just fine!