Monday, June 4, 2007

Lake Livin'

In addition to Holly's baby shower on Saturday, my sister in law, Leigh, turned 40. So, we all went to Pickwick for the weekend. My inlaws and Leigh and her husband have houses at Pickwick Pines. It was a lot fun! There was a big group of people from Ripley and Halls that went to help celebrate the big event! I got to Pickwick Saturday just in time for a down pour! So, no lake for me until Sunday. We had Leigh's birthday party on Saturday night. Thanks goodness for pretty weather Sunday. We stayed out all day! I love summer!

I had to take this picture of my mother in law. My father in law wanted her to learn to drive the boat. She did, but the entire time she would say "I don't want to drive, I don't want to drive." It was so funny!

Eugene enjoying the life aboard the "Big Maple." What you can't see is that he was being attacked by 5 year olds with water guns!

Myself and Eugene's two sisters... Leigh (the birthday girl), and Elizabeth.

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Crystal and Billy said...

I love summer...going to the lake, getting sun, spending time with family. Looks like you had a great weekend!!

The O'Donnells said...

ok another wierd coincidence...other than we're both married to eugenes :) my parents just sold their house in pickwick pines...i know wierd!!! they are moving to louiville and have a lot on some golf course at pickwick so got rid of the pickwick pines house just a couple of weeks ago...small small world...we might even be related or something :)