Tuesday, June 26, 2007

On the road to recovery!

I thought I would give an update on Sam and how he is recovering these days. He is doing better each day... walking better, standing better, etc. There is just one problem. He will not eat. He just has no desire. He is not even drinking much water. Eugene and I are both pretty worried about this because he needs food for energy. I talked to the vet yesterday and he wants us to take him off of his pain medicine and see how that works. He said that some dogs are more effected by a pain killer and it's side effects than others. So, hopefully within the next day or so he will regain his appetite. He just looks so sad every day... and he cries a lot. He pretty much cries all night long if he is awake. Eugene or I have to be near him at all times for him to be pacified. Hopefully when this medicine gets out of his system he will return to his normal happy self. In the meantime, we will just keep loving on him!!

Sunday night we were so worried because he had not eaten. We were grilling steaks for the two of us and decided to treat Sam to a T-Bone of his own!! Tell me he isn't spoiled! Now, before you lecture we would never make a habit of this. Special times call for special measures!

Here Sam sits patiently awaiting his steak to finish on the grill.


The Segrest Family said...

bless him! hope he gets to eatin' and drinkin' soon! and go ahead, if he will eat people food, i'd give it to him too!

Unknown said...

it's ok. dogs are meant to be spoiled.
Sophie had to get a short haircut so I bought her a dress to make her feel more like a girl.
Bless sam's heart...he wanted that t-bone!

Kevin, Kara, Kolton, & Kannon said...

Hey Katie! I work with Katie Spence.
I have been checking on your blog to check and see how Sam is doing. Keifer (our dog/first child) is so spoiled too - so I totally understand the steak!!! Hope Sam continues to get better!!!