Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy Early Birthday to Me!

With my birthday just right around the corner I decided it was time to furnish the front porch. Since we moved into this house in Oct. I have wanted some kind of patio set for this area. I feel like I have looked all over!! It couldn't be too big or too small, and I really wanted some kind of table so I could put flowers out. The other day I happened to come across this adorable bistro set at Wal Mart. So, I decided that my brother and Eugene's sisters needed to give this to me for my b-day. Thanks guys!!! I promise this wonderful addition to the home decor is very much appreciated!

In other news... Sam is growing up too fast! He just had his 5 month birthday on the 29th. He is just getting to be such a big boy. We went over to my sweet friend Mary Kathryne's house last night to cook out and brought Sam. He and Barkley (MK's boxer) played and played! It seems like yesterday that we first got Sam and Barkley towered over him. Now, they are the same size almost! Where has the time gone? :)

Sam waiting anxiously to go play with Barkley... we had to make a wine stop on the way!


mary straton said...

I think Sam needs to play with Olive and Charlie.

The Manning Family said...

Happy Early Birthday!

jgaskin said...

Happy Early Birthday!

LT (and Max) said...

love the furniture set and i want to squeeze sam. i'm such a dog freak.
happy early birthday to you!!!!! :)

Colby and Daniel said...

Happy Birthday Katie! Thanks for the note on my blog. I feel like I check out everyones blog and know way too much about them, especially since we don't see many of them. Colby